Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Parkstone and the pottery

Here is M7 30104 at the Poole end of Parkstone station on a Brokenhurst via Ringwood local push+pull, note the entrance to the goods yard and the pottery branch.

The large white scar beside the headshunt is a result of the repeated dumping of sludge from water softening plant at Bournemouth MPD. The sludge was transported in a pair of supeannuated exLSWR tenders, unfortunately I do not have a photo of these vehicles.

Parkstone was on a steep climb from almost sea level at Poole up to Branksome, often the downfall of up-excursion trains, Bournemouth depot would allocate an M7 to bank the trains, unfortunately by the start of the 60s, the remaining M7's were almost unable to contribute much in tractive effort.

Bulleid's light Pacific 34041 Wilton on an up exWeymouth train. 

Q 30548 exBournemouth to Salisbury via Fordingbridge entering from the Branksome end.

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