Saturday, 8 March 2014

Locos of the branch


George Jennings South Western Potteries owned two locomotives - both built by Pecketts of Bristol.

The later version was a W4 class built in 1902, works number 920 - it worked all its life on the Parkstone Pottery branch apart from the occasional trip to St. Mary's in Southampton for maintenance. 140 locomotives were built by Pecketts to class W4 between 1885 and 1906 and it represents a classic late Victorian four-coupled medium range industrial saddletank.
Although, no other locomotive was officially used on the line, the Bournemouth B4 would occasionally help whilst the Peckett often assisted the British Railway loco to shunt the very awkward yard at Parkstone.

'George Jennings' was always maintained in immaculate order, a light green with highly polished dome, unfortunately George Jennings has not survive, it was bought when the pottery closed in 1962 by a local small holder with the intention to run on a short length of track. The winter of 1963 proved fatal for both the loco and the small holder, the boiler was not drained and froze, the small holder died.  His window arranged for the loco to be taken away by the local scrap dealer, Charles Trent, with the instruction to cut it into pieces that would fit through a letter box. The works plate now reside in Poole Museum.
At Parkstone -  the Peckett on the incline


In the pottery


  1. So interested in this subject. Thanks for showing the pictures

  2. As you intimated Tim this is a fab blog. I have not seen such good pics of GJ at Parkstone before. having said that I do remember seeing the same activity myself as a boy in the very eary 50's. Am so looking forward to meeting you .